Top 10 favorites vst/effects

As a music producer, having the right set of VST’s (Virtual Studio Technology) in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is essential for producing top-tier quality music. It’s important to know which plugins will give you the best results for your projects. To help you out, we’ve compiled our top 10 VST’s based on own experience.

These top 10 VST’s and effects are powerful tools that can be used to create professional sounding audio productions quickly and efficiently:

  • Serum (VST)
  • FLEX (VST)
  • Spire (VST)
  • Nexus(VST)
  • TruePianos (VST)
  • Fabfilter Pro (FX)
  • KSMHR Essentials (FX)
  • Kickstart (FX)
  • OTT (FX)
  • Kontakt (VST)

We hope this top 10 list of VST’s and effects will help you create the music productions of your dreams. With these top-tier plugins, you can produce professional sounding audio quickly and efficiently. So don’t wait any longer to start creating! Happy producing!