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Our producer community is a tool for producers to help each other. We have created a Discord server, to make it easy for every bedroom producers, to join, help and collab about creating new music with each other.

Benefits with a producer community

There are a lot of benefits with being in a community as a bedroom producer.
If you produce music at home, and don’t get any help or feedback from someone who can help you to make your music better – you don’t become better.

Our goal with a producer community, is to make it easy for every bedroom producers, to talk together, help each other, listen and give feedback, and in that way give producers a way to become better.

With a community, you can aslo be lucky to find someone who like your style and work with the same genre as you – it’s a great way to start collaborations and make better music together.

Why a Discord server?

We choose to use a Discord server as our bedroom movement producer community, because Discord has a lot of tools for producers. 

  • Live stream your DAW
  • Talk and chat
  • Send files

It’s easy and free to join our Discord server, and you can fast find someone to talk to. We have created several channels on our server, so you can go to a channel with your collab-partner and work on your track together, without being disturbed by others. You can also join our chill channels, just to meet other producers, and expand your acquaintances.

Join our discord server, and be part of our bedroom movement producer community.