Bedroom Talk – Q&A with Arnet

Get to know Arnet! We asked ham if he wants to do a Q&A and lucky he did!
So this is what came out of it. Read the full Q&A here, or see the video on top.

‘Bedroom Talk’ is a new series of Q&A’s with our aritsts, so stay tuned for more Q&A’s in the future, and get to know the artist you love!

1. Can you describe yourself as an artist?

I would say I am a very passionate artist. I love to make music and I love to explore new genres and new music styles. I have gone from dubstep production to tropical house, and now I’m into a more pop genre. I love to implement a kind of country vibe to pop music, which is what I was going for in my new single Chase This Dream, that I hope you guys enjoy.

2. What do music mean to you?

Music means a lot to me. It’s kind of like my escape from reality where I can just be me and myself and whatever creative flow I have in my head. It’s a place where I can create something out of nothing. And to be able to share that with the world is an amazing feeling.

3. When did you start making music?

I started making music in 2012. It was the summer of 2012, I think, I’ve always done creative things. I have been editing videos, 3D, photography. So for me, it was kind of like a natural next choice to do, and it was just something that I wanted to test out and see, see what happens. And I remember I went to the Swedish House Mafia concert in Telenor Arena in December of 2012 for the One Last Tour. And that was amazing, which got me into the progressive house genre and the more electronic genre.

So from then on, I listened to almost only Swedish House Mafia and Axwell and Ingrosso and Angello, and then fast forward two years Kygo comes to the stage and I fell in love with his remix of Younger and I See Fire. And from then on it was just tropical house all the way.

Since then I have tried to implement my own sound, try to make it my own and not just copy other artists. My style is inspired by Kygo, Matoma and so on. But I try to make it my own and be my own artist because that’s where you win.

4. Who inspired you to make music?

I would say there are a lot of people who inspired me. First of all Avicii, rest in peace. He inspired me to get into the whole progressive house genre with his amazing melodies and his vocals. He is and will always be a big inspiration to a lot of musicians around the world. But other than that, I would say Kygo, Matoma, Martin Garrix, Swedish mafia, pretty much everyone or anyone who can bring something new to the table and not just copy what already exists, I think.

5. Can you name three of your favorite music composers?

I would say my top three are Kygo, Matoma, and Mike Perry because I love their music style and I love how they use their melodies and how they implement the vocals and how they make you feel
when you listen to them. It’s like escaping from reality for a few minutes. And that’s that’s what music is to me, I think.

6. What DAW and VST are you using to make music?

My digital audio work place, that’s what DAW stands for. My digital audio workplace is Logic Pro X, I have been using it for for a few years now. I start out with Ableton and Reason just to see which audio software I that would fit for me. But I landed on Logic and I have not looked back since. I think the workspace is very organized and very easy to use once you get into it.

I mainly use Nexus, I have bought a few packs from their sites that I use. I use it for some top piano chords that you can hear from Kygo’s music. I also use Kontakt for piano, but also for guitars and trumpets and saxophones and stuff. I also use Sylenth for some plucks and some basses. And I use Serum for synth chords and some basses, yeah. But I don’t use all of these in the same song sometimes. I might just use Nexus for one or I use all of them. So it depends on the song which VST I use, but those are my main ones.

7. What are your dreams with your music?

My dreams with my music is to reach as many people as possible, to share my music with the world and hopefully they like it. Hopefully to be able to stand on a stage once again when all this is over, yeah. But mainly just to get as far as possible and to share the music with the world and just spread the good vibes.

8. What can your fans expect from you in the future?

In the future there will be more music. Of course. I have my new single “Chase This Dream”, which is coming out on April 9th. I have a few songs lined up after that and a little surprise coming very soon, but mainly just trying to find new styles of music and to surprise my listeners along the way, yeah. Just trying to make the best music possible.


So that’s my Q&A. I hope you enjoy and get ready for April 9th. My new single, “Chase This Dream” will be out. So I’ll see you guys soon, bye.

Here at Bedroom Movement, we are excited to have such a great artist! Arnet is a very professional music producer and has his own goals and dreams. We are looking forward to the release “Chase This Dream” which will go live on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc. on April 9th.

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