Meglodon Records is a record label founded by Pederson, Isoe and Palmer in 2021.
Pederson has a professional background as an entrepreneur and music producer: releasing several hits in Denmark since 2015 (“Zamu“). Isoe has also been in the Danish music industry since 2012 and has released music on multiple labels in Denmark such as Ninja music and No Fame Only Talent under several artist names (“Goldistic“, “Lake & Palmer“). Palmer has likewise had a career in music production for many years which began when attending a musical boarding school and includes heading the band Low Pressure. Isoe and Palmer both work in videographics and pursue entrepreneurial projects.


We have founded the record label, Meglodon Records, to assist other talented music producers to reach their dreams as we did with our music. With our backgrounds as entrepreneurs, music producers and in graphic design, we can help bedroom producers to get the most potential out of the tracks and get noticed on playlists and much more.

Our vision are also to create a community for creative producers, so you as music producer can get help and feedback from other produceres through our discord channel. We will also ourselves give feedback and assist you to produce better music.


CO-Owner, A&R

CO-Owner, A&R

CO-Owner, Director

CO-Owner, A&R